Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Finally Found A Decent "Point and Shoot."

After agonizing research and reading every camera review under the sun, I finally found a great P&S digital camera; the Olympus Stylus 1020 10.1 megapixel camera.

It's a step up from what I had before (Olympus Stylus 720 7.1 megapixel) and read many raved reviews regarding this camera. The zoom is INSANE! I'm not sure what new technology they put in this camera (I thought it had the clarifying "motion blur correction" that my 720 had) but now I can zoom 7X and not get a blurry picture (something my other camera could not do). Plus all the familiar menus and a few new ones to add, that keeps this camera in the quick to use category.

I like how you can switch from normal to fine and also alter your shadows prior to exposure. Edit features feel like you're at the will of the camera, not much control. Think of it more like a auto improve function; you're not sure what it's correcting but it does seem to really improve images if they are a shy too dark or too contrasty.

I'll probably still get a SLR digital camera for more serious camera shots. But for a grab and go to Disneyland or family BBQ, this camera is perfect. Oh, and I saved about $80 by purchasing on ebay. I paid about $174 when major stores were selling for $279 or a little less.