Thursday, March 20, 2008

Funny Videos for Those With Small Children.

Just a funny YouTube video I found. To many of you out there, you've probably already seen this. Lucky for Charlie the video was rolling otherwise I think he would have got smacked in the head by brother Harry.

Prior to taping this clip, this little 3 year old and his younger sibling were horsing around on the bed. At one point the older brother jumped up and hit the baby in the lips, causing the baby's mouth to bleed. Poor kid's just trying to tell Dad he's concerned. Bluada, not fhaneeey!

And of course the girl who's afraid of her own shadow. Enjoy.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Last Night's Gig Went Pretty Well.

De-Tension played last night at a local outdoor plaza. There was a head count of about 100 people that showed up and actually stayed through both sets. There were a few blunders here and there plus it was very difficult hearing everybody since we practice in a circle. But overall everything went very well.

The head of entertainment was present and was bummed that she has no more available bookings until October of this year. Hopefully we'll get contacted if someone cancels. But this time, I'd really rather be at the opposite end of the mall so that we can turn up a little more.

Here's a few samples of the songs we played.
Is She Really Going Out With Him.

Just What I Needed.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Today, 3:05 PM.

My Grandmother passed away today. Man, it feels strange to say those words. To talk about someone who's been around your whole life, now you suddenly find yourself speaking about in the past sense. It happened very peacefully and she was surrounded with family sharing stories and just general conversation. If she was listening, I'm sure this is what she would have wanted. You see, my Grandmother was suffering from Altzheimer's Disease. So the last recollection of my grandma was around 1997. I believe she's finally at peace from this horrible disease.

After leaving her care facility, Jen and I drove home. Very little was said. When I got home, I mostly sat out by our back swing-bench. Libby came out and we talked about what happened and I shared stories about the Grandma Mary that I grew up with. Perfect blue sky, snow capped mountains in the background, it was a nice day for reminiscing. While I was talking about Grandma, Libby took this picture of an apricot blossum blooming in our backyard, which will be my blog main page graphic for the rest of this month.

It was tough on times when I would visit her. I didn't know how to have a conversation with her. It was a lot of nonsensical, random, conversation.

Sitting and thinking about my grandma reminded me of a music video from Elvis Costello called, "Veronica". Elvis's spoken intro and outro pretty much sums up similar incidents that I witnessed my grandmother going through. This video is tough to watch, especially when you see Elvis sitting in an empty bedroom and he is imagining all of Veronica's life.
"...something we don't quite understand.....not yet anyway".

Friday, March 7, 2008

Next Friday, March 14th......

It's official, De-Tension is on the display of events for next Friday. Let's hope everything works out ok.