Friday, June 12, 2009

The Old Toshiba is Finally Digital: Siemens DR.

It's finally here and fully functional. A big long awaited change. I thought I'd really miss the old Toshiba room, but this new DR room is amazing.

For those who don't was "DR" is, it's basically a direct capture x-ray room. Instead of using x-ray cassettes (special designed film holders to rest the part being x-rayed) you place the part in a large sensor area and the image shows on a flat screen monitor within seconds. No need to run back and forth into the room to change out these cassettes. I review, highlight and send immediately to whoever needs the exam. Doctors can see these images within seconds.

So no more lost films, no more film jams, no more processor chemical smell and doctors don't have to wait for their films to be delivered by doddling patients who decide to stop by the coffee cart on their way back to the doctors office.

Very cool.

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