Saturday, October 20, 2007

It's done: Stewmade ------ guitar?

I have no idea what to call it; wall stud guitar, Beechwood house guitar, The House framing guitar? It's actually very resonant, lightweight (very important), and it sings!!! I was sticking to 1950's specifications since the wood used was from my home, built in 1956.

Now the guitar geeks stuff; Gotoh "Kluson style" tuners (Kluson was a tuner manufacturer used by Leo Fender back from '47-67), Seymour Duncan Antiquity 50's pickups, vintage Luxe capacitor (always think of "Back to the Future" when I say that...Flux Capacitor), and a Callaham tremolo bridge. I cut, shaped and slotted the bone nut (the thing the strings fit into at the top of the neck).

I know you musicians know these terms but I've got some non musician types that read this blog.

The only thing missing is the custom engraved neckplate that's being made as we speak (click on the image below).

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