Friday, February 8, 2008

First StewMade Guitar Idea for 2008: Muscle Car Guitar!

Yeah, so it's an idea that's been sitting for awhile and finally is in the works. The guitar body will be painted in 70's Plymouth Sublime Green complete with competition racing stripes. The "440+6" on the pickguard will represent the common 440 engine 6 barrel option available on the 1970 Dodge Charger, Plymouth "Cuda", Road Runner, Challenger, and the rare Superbird, as well as some others offered by Dodge and Plymouth. I could have used the "440 Super Commando" or the 426 Hemi emblem. But I really liked the look of the 440+6 hood decal from the Plymouth Road Runner.

If you have ever seen the movie "Cars", the light blue car with large front scoop and rear wing called "The King" is a Superbird. Only 1,920 were built only in 1970. Dodge came out with a similar version in 1969 called the "Dodge Daytona".

1969 Dodge Daytona

The "Devil Tail Heart" logo at the headstock is used from the 1970 Plymouth ad campaign, used along with the slogan, "The Beat Goes On" which also borrowed the Sony and Cher hit with the same name.

Chrome piston volume/tone knobs will be used along with a fabricated shift knob vibrato bar....or pickup selector switch. Pickguard will either be flat black or have actual tolex soft top glued to the pickguard to look like the roof. Back of the neck will also be satin black with just the front headstock matching the body color.
I also found a company that produces actual "clicking" metal seat belt guitar straps complete with the woven nylon belt material. I have the option of choosing nylon belt or actual 2" wide real tire tread for the guitar strap. Do some of you remember that "click" sound when getting into your parents old cars?

Have not decided on pickups yet. I want this guitar to be a high octane sort of sounding guitar. It can't be wimpy sounding at all. EMG's would keep the price down a bit but Seymour Duncan has a huge selection to check out. Maybe a sustainer?

The guitar case will be made of black cloth top material over a hard wood shell case, complete with a slight "tuck n' roll" leather ends with white piping.

My example does not completely show the true Sublime Green color. So here are some examples of some other muscle cars in sublime green as well as some video clips.

1970 Plymouth Road Runner Superbird

1970 Plymouth Road Runner (same as Superbird but w/o wings & scoop)

1970 Plymouth "Barracuda" or "Cuda"


Bonnie Joy said...

I hope your guitar looks fantastic. Thanks for showing everyone some of the best Mopar out there. I am looking for a pic of the Plymouth heart logo for a tattoo (RIP 68 Fury) and found your blog that way. I like your idea for the guitar case too. Pretty creative, though us Sag's usually are! ;)

Stew said...

Do a google image search under the name, "devil tail heart, Plymouth" and you'll get that heart logo you're looking for. Also scroll through some of my recent posts on my blog. There are some completed images of the Muscle Car guitar.